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Here you will find links to some of our favorite web sites. Eventually there will be a spot for everyone to post links here. If you ever have a link you want added, just send it to Eric or Jeff (we can help you do this if need be). *Some of these links might require a "plug-in".  Macromedia, Shockwave, and or Flash are all free downloads, and are from trustworthy sources, and will make your browsing experience a lot more fun.

Cool Papa Links




Cool Mama Links

French translator

Advanced French grammar

Cool Big Brother Links

David Fokos (Photographer)

Lenox, MA Weather (why not)

The Hunger Site (one click to donate food)

Andrew Cohen (spiritual teacher)

Cool Baby Brother Links

Run21 (an addicting card game)

AOL Instant Messenger (talk to people in real time)

www.disney.com (for the kids)

www.discovery.com (for kids and adults!)