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Welcome to bellsey.com!
This site was originally created in honor of Papa bellsey's birthday, but will soon serve as a family-wide web site where we will post pictures (send 'em in!), family events, newsworthy stuff, links, and of course, pictures of Eric!.

So, from all of us, Happy Birthday Dad!

Go Jerry!    Go Jerry!    It's your birthday!   Go Jerry! 

Here's what people had to say to Jerry on his 60th birthday

l. To my dear, devoted friend, Jerry, You have my gratitude for your friendship for the many joyful times you and Ronda shared with Bernie and me, and for your continued love and support. Jerry, you are strong. You are kind. You are gentle. Your are my friend. I feel happy and honored to be sharing this special birthday with you and your beloved Ronda, your wonderful children and your nearest and dearest family and friends. May we share our lives, always. My love and admiration.  Anita.

2. Some of my thoughts of Jerry: Kind, intelligent, respectful, loyal. I think of the respect he shows to Linc and me. I think of how he always puts our comfort first. I think of the wonderful dinners, trips and coversations we have shared. I think of my bocci partner, my ego builder and I think of this truly great guy. I think I love him.  Connie

3. There are a lot of great things that Gentleman Jerry does that make him a quality person. Jerry will put us first, always there to help in providing for our comfort and happiness. Jerry is always there with sharing his good golf points, and even sharing his titanium head clubs. I admire Jerry for the love and respect he shows to Ronda. I am proud to say Jerry is a true and loyal friend. Linc

4. There was was a young man named Jerry
He's mellow and kind--not "contrerry"
He likes to drink wine
And French he speaks fine
We love him a lot and a very...

Today we will talk 'bout his birth
His belly is lacking in girth
Happy Birthday dear brother
Like you there's no other
On Mars or on Pluto or Earth

Happy Birthday and mora
From your Flora Dora

5. Dear Jerry, Althought I've known you for only four years, I feel I've known you longer. Are you sure you're not from Newark? I'm happy to enjoy your company as my brother in law, Costco shopper, friend and drinking buddy. P. S. I wish I had as much hair as you do. Howard

6. Dear Jerry, Your are a good son in law... I'm very proud of you. Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy Birthday. Grandma Gertie

7. Jerry is the BEST person in the world. I love him the MOST in the world. There is no KINDER, or GENTLER, or more SUPPORTIVE and LOVING human being in the world. HE IS MY WORLD. Ronda

8.Simply, I love Jerry; he's my big brother. And, when you don't wake him up from a dead sleep, he's charming and quite witty as well. Sumati

9. Dad, you're the greatest! You're the best skiing partner anyone could ever have. Thanks for being patient enough to teach me how to throw a baseball (a difficult task), and how to drive a golf ball (once again, not easy for the average person), and to help me during the hard times, and to show me what it means to be a genuinely good guy. I'm proud to be a Bellsey, and I'm proud to be your son. I LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT, Happy Birthday Dad. Love Eric.

10. Dear Jerry, If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
YOU ARE JERRY BELLSEY!!!!!!!! Rhoda and Mel Schwartz

11. As you know, it has only been recently that we have been hangin' out together and getting to know each other better. The thing that impresses me most about Jerry is his youthfulness. I find him very open-minded, very energetic and very interested in listening to other ideas. Now, since I am not too far behind him, I hope that I will be as youthful as Jerry when I reach his age. Of course, I will still be riding the Cyclone. Michael

12. Sometimes, it takes paragraphs and pages to describe people. However, in Jerry's case being concise is all that is needed. He is an understanding and caring man who has given, and will continue to give, love and support to his children, and especially to his wife. Elliot and P.A.

13. Jerry is: a husband and father extradinaire;
a friend one can depend on through thick and thin;
a travelling companion (who, with his lovely bride, Ronda) makes every day a day to remember forever;
special, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and most importantly brilliant enough even when he was a "lad" to woo and win the hand of the fair Ronda. Jack and Eileen

14. We have become friends in just the past couple of years, which is a relatively new friendship compared to those who have known and loved Jerry for many, many years. Being short timers, we are at a distinct disadvantage. Ronda's ongoing spousal training seems to have finally taken hold. Jerry has not done anything in our presence that would qualify as roasting material. Sure, he has had some regression to old behaviors, but nothing in comparison to the stories that have been told to us about his early days. Jerry is a good man and a good friend. We can only relate that as a result of being married to Ronda--he is even better than he was when he was "growing up." We love you Jerry. Marty and Ruthie

15. Dear Dad, Wow! You've always been an awesome guy, and you get awesomer and awesomer by the years. I still relish the screwdriver I stole from your tool box when I was 8 (did I ever mention that?). Thanks for teaching me about elbow grease and how to NOT burn down the garage when doing some creative rewiring. You'll never live down betting against me on the track team. But I still love you, lots! Happy birthday dad! Love, Jeff





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