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We will post a new Tech Tip here every so often. If you ever have any questions on anything Internet or computer related, no matter how easy or difficult, email them to Eric or Jeff, and we will post the question and answer here.

Tech Tip #1

Q) I want to buy something online, but I dont know if it is safe to give my credit card number. What should I do?

A) Generally you should trust the "brand name" web sites, like Amazon.com, or Priceline.com. The information you send to them is "encrypted", which means the data is converted into a type of secret code that can not be read by outsiders. If you stumble across an unfamiliar web site, such as "Joe's House of Slightly Used Socks", or something like that, you might want to reconsider. Also check their policies on buying items online. They should have a good return policy, and it should also say something about the type of security they use in transferring the data, such as SSL or other encryption methods.

Tech Tip #2

Q) There are a few sites that I go to quite often, but sometimes have a hard time getting there or remembering the address. Is there anything I can do to make that easier?

A) Yes. One good way is to add that site to your "favorites" folder. Somewhere at the top of your browser you should see an "icon" (little picture) labeled "Favorites". This is where you can store web addresses that you go to quite often, let's say like eBay.com. When you arrive at a site that you want to keep, RIGHT click ONE TIME somewhere on an open spot on the page. This will open up a menu. One of the choices should be "Add to favorites...". LEFT click ONE time on that option. A new window will pop up telling you the name of the site you are at. If you want to change the name from, say "Priceline.com" to "Airplane tickets", you can do that here. Then just hit the "OK" button. Now when you click on favorites, you should see "Airplane tickets" in the list. Click on that once and that will bring you to your site. You never have to remember the address again!